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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new legislative requirements for NSF 61 certification?

Lee Free® products manufactured by Lee Brass are NSF 61 certified and enable utilities to meet the 0.25% lead content and the 5 parts per billion lead leachate requirements. This provides consumers the healthiest and safest possible lead free delivery system. Click Herefor more detailed information regarding NSF 61 requirements.

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) 1974

What about the features and benefits of the Lee Free®package?

It’s true we don’t claim that our Lee Free® products are “dezincification” resistant. That’s because they are already “dezincification” immune with a low percentage of zinc content with less likelihood to leak after installation.

It’s also true that we don’t have a white paper warning of the inadequacies of soldering our Lee Free® cast solder joint flanges. Again, that’s because we don’t have to. You can use the same methods for soldering our Lee Free® flanges as you did for the traditional cast solder joint flanges. We believe that some strong workmanship traditions shouldn’t need to change. And, with the Lee Free® package, you will be paying domestic prices for domestic products. Other suppliers of cast solder joint flanges cannot make that same claim since they routinely mix products from Mexico and China with US products and charge domestic prices across the board.

Antimicrobial Copper FAQs

Copper is an essential element required by both plants and animals to live. Copper is also an industrial metal that possesses superior electrical and thermal conductivity, is easy to process and, through the incorporation of other metals, can deliver broad technical performance. This makes it a very important material in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. Click Here for more information about Antimicrobial Copper

Why LEE FREE instead of other options?

The Lee Free® package meets all requirements and negates the need of having a dual inventory. And it is all domestic product produced by Lee Brass in Anniston, AL. No other supplier of cast solder joint flanges and threaded brass fittings, flanges and unions can make the same claim. No other supplier can help you get those stimulus package jobs requiring products “Made in The USA”. No other supplier complies with the “ARRA – American Reinvestment and Recovery Act”. Only Lee Brass has the complete package of 745 line items of Lee Free® that is NSF 61 certified.

What about Stainless Steel?

Plumbing systems have been using copper based products for potable drinking water systems for more than 100 years. That’s because copper based alloys contain “antimicrobial” properties that kill bacteria naturally. Stainless steel can’t make that claim. Click Herefor more information. Also, most stainless steel fittings are imported. The initial financial outlay may be less, but stainless steel may be accompanied by an unnecessary potential health risk. After all, you get what you pay for.

What about inferior imports?

Most foreign foundries do not have metals labs, and they offer limited solder. It takes more than buying low lead ingot to meet the stringent requirements of NSF 61. It’s equally important how it is melted and processed. As an example, toys containing lead are still coming to the US from abroad after more that 20 years of regulations banning such toys. Can you really trust that their products are lead free? There have also been reports of inferior imports already leaking and cracking in California.

Reduction Of Lead In Drinking Water Act

Click hereto see the latest information from the EPA on lead reduction applications in water systems.

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